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August 2, 2010
Along the lines of popular sites like FMyLife, but about 65,000 times more uplifting, Gives Me Hope (GMH) offers user-submitted true stories of kindness and generosity. The stories are sentimental and, at times, almost heartbreakingly sweet.
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June 1, 2009
"In times like these, the usual avenues of escapism sports, the local bar, and Sacha Baron Cohen's ass seem a little watered down. GMH serves it up straight no chaser necessary."
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The Wall Street Journal Online

Los Angeles Times

October 30, 2009
"About the time Operation Beautiful was born, a blog called HMGGMH was created. It was modeled after the Web site, a forum where people share uplifting moments and shore each other up against the vagaries of life."
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Arizona Republic
Dallas Morning News

May 31, 2009
The story was featured on the front page of Digg and was the #1 story over a 24-hour period.
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San Jose Mercury News

March 17, 2010
"You wake up late. You spill your coffee. You forget the homework you actually did ... sounds like a really bad day. It also sounds like something we've all experienced. And while some like to revel in the misfortunes of others, I appreciate the little pick-me-up stories from the Web site"
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Girlfriend Magazine (Australia)

January 2010 Edition
"Celeb gossip sites can get pretty nasty so for a refreshing change head to This must-read website is bound to put a smile on your face."

The Tennessean

October 26, 2009
Inspired by GivesMeHope, Nasvhille's biggest newspaper took to the coffee shops and community centers of the city to ask people about the experiences that have given them hope.

Los Angeles Loyolan

October 12, 2009
"We're tired of hearing about what's wrong with the world. That's why we created" Take a few minutes to read postings on this site, and soon you'll be looking at your day more positively, too.
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The Oracle

April 18, 2010
The most inspiring of anecdotal Web sites, both (GMH) and (LGMH) fall under the same owner and idea: sharing stories of amazing moments and happy endings.
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July 31, 2009
GMH was selected as one of's Top Picks for July.
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Kansas State Collegian

July 22, 2009
"Montero said she and Spartz receive e-mails with all sorts of testimonials of how reading the GMH stories has improved reader's lives. From boosting their self-image to bringing them back from the verge of suicide."

WSBT Evening News (CBS 22)

June 16, 2009
CBS 22 ran a three minute segment on GMH and its founders.
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BUST Magazine

June 12, 2009
"I'm sure many of you have heard of FMyLife, where people talk about the shitty and degrading things that have happened to them, or Texts From Last Night, which is exactly what it sounds like. And though these brief anecdotes range from humorous to embarrassing, neither of them are quite as uplifting as Gives Me Hope, where people write inspiring snippets of he good the everyday person is capable of."

South Bend Tribune

June 14, 2009
GMH was featured on the front page of the South Bend Tribune, sandwiched between a story about the DC Gunman and a guy dying... see why we created GMH?

Elkhart Truth

June 14, 2009
GMH was featured on the front page of the Elkhart Truth.
But more than that he's hopeful that people's postings will empower others, particularly during hard times. "It makes you feel like you can handle anything that life throws at you," he said of the site's stories.
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February 23, 2010
"Join the revolution: Look for hope and inspiration every moment of your day. Send your own entry to the GMH site or shout it out on your Twitter and Facebook account. Start your own love and hope revolution."
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Blog Her

February 1, 2010
"However, Caitlin and Gaby see thinking positively differently from those who say it encourages blaming the victim. They believe focusing on the good can change lives."
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February 1, 2010
" is a site for people to submit short, anonymous entries about inspiring moments in their own lives. Read the heartwarming entries, and submit your own."
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March 01, 2010
GMH was featured as a website they love to spend time on. Two other sites from the GMH Network were also featured: and
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The Spectrum - University at Buffalo

February 12 2010
"Currently, GMH has an iPhone application and is in the middle of a book deal, which will hit the shelves in the fall. "The book will be a combination of both new anecdotes and some of the ones from the site," Spartz said."

The Quad - West Chester University

March 22, 2010
But the optimistic, tear-jerking outshines all the rest with motivating anecdotes of rising phoenixes and unexpected benevolence.
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Deccan Chronicle

March 30, 2010
Youngsters claim that the sites with their Twitter-like, real life nuggets are extremely entertaining as not only do they get a peek into the lives of others and feel a connect with them, they also get rid their own stress by sharing their deepest, darkest secrets with others.
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July 19, 2009
It's not revolutionary, and I don't think that enjoying a good FML means you're not an optimist, but I do think that affirmation of kindness and goodness is a little to rare, and for that reason sites like GMH are a great demonstration of how the internet can change sentiment.
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All Facebook

May 25, 2010 Article
If you needed a reminder about the power of social distribution, look no further than the site "LoveGivesMeHope", which has seen a paragraph of text shared on Facebook more than 565,000 times since February 1st.
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Your Tango

May 25, 2010 Article
In fact, reading the posts gives you Hugh Grant romantic comedy warm and fuzzy feeling that's a little addictive, to be honest. Who doesn't want to read about someone finding his soul mate or a boyfriend who's so smitten he donates a kidney to his girl.
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Notre Dame Business Magazine

June 16, 2010 responds to a need in our trash-talking world, according to Spartz. "The problem is, our society celebrates people who are cynical, people who criticize, who are sarcastic. Why is it that we are so free to criticize, but are so hesitant to share praise?"
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The Ram

February 09, 2011
The company currently has nine full-time employees, four part-time workers and an office in Chicago. Their daily readership is around 500,000, which is about the same as that of the New York Daily News.
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Pipe Dream

May 25, 2010 Article
On the website, people post the things they don't have the courage to say out loud. Behind the safe haven of a chosen username, this site provides a home for all the secrets that come pouring out when people type the words they're too afraid to speak.
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Reading Eagle

February 15, 2011
"This is an awesome website where people can be inspired to know that amazing things can happen around the world," Casey said. "It felt really cool reading about any and everybody's situation, no matter what the circumstances were."
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Associated Content

September 02, 2009
"The fact that two young people like Emerson and Gaby are thinking about compassionately about things like this instead of what the masses are thinking about is incredible. Not only does give me a sense of hope, but their kindness and willingness to brighten someone's day does as well."
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